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Maximum performance T3 now associated with SLS technology and adapted to the characteristics of the female foot. As a result, we get a very durable sock, with cushioning in the sole that keeps your foot safe from blisters during your trail days. The Women's T3 Trail Running Padded Sock features separate layers of fibers that work together for comfort, support, and moisture management.

COOLMAX® is a polyester yarn from Invista® with channels to effectively wick moisture away from the skin to the outside of the sock. COOLMAX® fibers work to move sweat away from the body and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, leaving the wearer feeling cooler and more comfortable.

TENCEL® is a Lenzing cellulose fiber obtained from Eucalyptus plants from certified sustainable plantations. The nanostructure of Tencel® provides exceptional moisture wicking, accumulation, expansion and drying. TENCEL® provides a soft touch and comfortable layer against the skin. It is a fully biodegradable fiber that is made from trees from sustainable farms.

Finally, a layer of NYLON STRETCH with LYCRA® adds durability and ensures these socks stay in place in your running shoes without slipping all the way to your toes. On the one hand, NYLON is a continuous synthetic fiber that is characterized by its strength and ability to cushion. On the other hand, LYCRA® is a synthetic spandex fiber that can stretch up to six times its length and return to its original state.

This combination of fibers makes the T3 Trail Running Padded Women's Sock perfect for running in any season. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long, regardless of the weather and time of day.

TENCEL® fibers provide a soft, comfortable layer against the skin.
COOLMAX® fibers wick moisture away from the foot.
10% NYLON STRETCH with LYCRA® throughout the sock means there is no slipping or settling.
The mesh instep minimizes bulk on the top of the foot and promotes the release of heat and moisture.
Cushioning on the sole - light weight.
The flat knit seam means no irritation on your toes as you run.

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